What is a Womb Song?

A “Womb Song” is a little piece of musical magic created by you for your unborn baby. With Womb Song’s Recording Studio you will record your voice singing a short lullaby from the options of Womb Song’s soothing and beautiful instrumentals and lyrics. When the instrumental and your voice are combined together this will forever after be known as your Womb Song.

By using A Sound Beginning’s scientifically proven method of playing your Womb Song to your unborn baby, he or she will learn your your Womb Song in utero! Feeling your baby respond to hearing your Womb Song begins a powerful bond.

Playing your Womb Song during birth, acts as a musical channel, inviting your baby into this new world. This is why Womb Song babies typically do not cry at birth! With this prenatal parenting program you will learn how to attune with your baby and teach your baby love through Musical Bonding. You will be able to witness this incredible birth experience as your baby is born calm and aware.

Your Womb Song will also be one of your first acts of being attuned to your baby when she begins to cry. When you sing or play your Womb Song, it will send the immediate message: “I hear you, I’m responding, I’m here for you, I’m coming to help you”. Your Womb Song will act as a tool for soothing your newborn and will set you on the path of figuring out what else baby’s cries are telling you about his needs. Playing your Womb Song connects your baby’s memory back to the serenity of the womb world, which usually produces a calming response. When your baby is not crying, there is more time for your baby’s mental stability to evolve, emotional growth to develop, and loving connection with you to grow deeply. This is why, A Sound Beginning’s Womb Songs was created!”

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