Rachel Ruth

I am so blessed to have such an alert, mellow, sweet non-crying newborn. I have been able to get full nights rest, he wakes me with sweet cooing and brings a calm soothing energy to whomever is around. He is truly owning up to his name Zion. So blessed. Thank you Lauren Satt for the opportunity to be able to participate in such an amazing parental program that helped transition Zion from womb life to the outside world. I am forever grateful.

Nancy Newberg

It is wonderful to have the Womb Song when he is fussy. It’s a savior!


Leticia Morgan

Our other child enjoyed singing along during the Musical Bonding sessions. It was my time to relax and it really had a calming effect on all of us. Now, I feel very attuned to my baby’s needs and she is very responsive to me as well.


Bruce Purcell

The Womb Song would come to me during the day when I was away from my wife. It had a calming effect on me.


Kathy Bell

I am pleased with the results, and other people have noticed the positive effect it has on the baby. He calms about 95%of the time, listening very intently.


Freddi Quin

When playing the Womb Song during pregnancy, I really felt I was doing something special for my baby, highlighting our special relationship.


Karen and John Meli

The intensive care nurses were amazed when he regularly calmed to the Womb Song after struggling to breath because of a diaphragmatic hernia. The nurses even took it upon themselves to buy extra batteries for the player. It was a great comfort knowing that we were still connected through our Womb Song while he was in intensive care.


Adina Babco

In comparison to our first baby who cried a lot at birth, this baby was only a little fussy during the exam. It is a warm feeling to know that my singing is calming to my baby.

curly-border mother-boy curly-border

Jean Fefferies

The Womb Song helped my husband experience a closer relationship with Jake and this is special to both of us.


How has ASB helped you in the transition to parenthood

Holly Holyk

The program gives you specific ways to bond with baby before birth in a way that draws husband and wife together, and helps you to anticipate and work on different issues which arise before and after birth.


Rhonda Lipnicki

Through Reflective Imagination I was able to confront my fears of breast feeding, to deal with them and to overcome them. Also, because of Parent Talk, I have worked to solve problems instead of just venting emotions.


Vladu Cartaneau

It’s a must for any parents-to-be.


Audry Mezrahi

I was really prepared for the big change in my life. I didn’t bother me when he woke up woke up in the night 3 to 4 times or when I couldn’t get anything done.


Sally Mason

A phenomenal approach to prenatal education that helped to integrate feelings about my unborn child.


Here are just a few comments from ASB parents about the Womb Song:

Not only am I pleased with the results, but other people have noticed the positive effect it has on our baby.


My mother is very conservative and stuck in her ways. So she never could understand why I was doing A Sound Beginning. Within a week after Danny was born she completely changed her attitude after she saw how it worked. Now she uses our Womb Song when needed, while she is baby-sitting. I would never have believed it before birth.


Not only is the Womb Song calming and soothing to the baby, but also to me.


A Sound Beginning Stories

Baby James and his traumatic birth story

This touching story of Rhonda’s self-fulfillment illustrates beautifully the power and usefulness of Reflective Imagination. It demonstrates the process we call growing into parenthood. Even when you don’t experience any particular problems or concerns about parenting, there are undoubtedly many areas which you have not yet thought about or prepared for. Reflective Imagination gives each and every person the chance to explore and grow.

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