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girl-micAbove you can listen to the 12 Womb Songs, with vocals, to hear how your final Womb Song will eventually sound – with your voice of course! Once you are a member, you will choose your Womb Song from the selection of 12 instrumental Womb Songs.

Then, in your personal Recording Studio, you will sing and record your voice with the instrumental in the background.  This may sound scary at first, because you don’t think you can sing.  But it’s not really about singing.  It’s about your baby learning your frequency, energy and vibration.  Your baby cannot judge and will only listen intently.  Your Womb Song will be unique and your voice your channel to your baby.

It will be your song and your voice that will calm your crying baby in the future.  A beautiful thing, indeed!


When you become a member, you will learn the secrets of how to teach your baby your Womb Song in utero!

Parents are delighted with the power of their Womb Song to quiet and soothe their baby.

You will delight in seeing your baby respond to the Womb Song in different ways, before, during and after birth.  Baby’s responses to the Womb Song will continue to strengthen the connection between you and your infant bringing confidence in your ability to meet your baby’s needs.   You can also promote a strong connection between an older child and unborn baby by having your child create a Womb Song of her own, and periodically playing it to your unborn while your other child is present, participating in a “bonding session.”  You will learn about Musical Family Bonding and how this can forever bond your family.

So consider your Womb Song a musical umbilical cord which will never be cut and which will always be a part of a deep connection between you and your child.

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