Paul Horn

Paul Horn is a master of music, known as the founder of new age music.

He has worked hand in hand to create A Sound Beginning’s Womb Songs.

Being a traveling musician of the world, he has spent his life studying soothing and healing qualities of music on people.

His albums include:

Inside the Taj Mahal, in India,

Inside the Great Pyramid, in Egypt, and

Inside the Cathedral, in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Cosmic Consciousness

In February 1967, George Harrison’s wife, Pattie, became intrigued after attending a lecture on TM at Caxton Hall in London. She informed her husband, who was developing his own interest in Indian culture. He had played a sitar on Rubber Soul (1965) and had gone to India in September 1966 to study the instrument with Ravi Shankar.

The Maharishi’s visit to the UK coincided with the Summer of Love. Indian robes and music had become very fashionable. The Maharishi himself issued a recording of his teachings and acted as executive producer on the album Cosmic Consciousness by one of his pupils, the flautist Paul Horn.

In June 1967, the Beatles released Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which included a spiritual track by George Harrison, “Within You Without You”. On 24 August, the four Beatles heard the Maharishi speak at the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane. After the lecture, they requested a private audience and he told them, “The kingdom of heaven is like electricity. You don’t see it. It is within you.” The Maharishi invited the Beatles to a course on TM that weekend at University College, Bangor.

Despite having the top-selling album at the time and the number one slot with “All You Need is Love”, they had no engagements and agreed to attend. They also asked along their manager, Brian Epstein, but he had other plans. The train journey to Bangor, with the Beatles appropriately attired, turned the event into a media circus. The Maharishi told the group, “You have created a magic air through your names. You have now got to use that magic influence on the generation who look up to you.”


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