Parent Talk is devoted to providing you and your partner with some simple, yet powerful problem solving and communication guidelines.

“Parent Talk Weekly Topics” include 7 weeks of themed discussions, formulated to coach you and your partner to presently understand each other and to prepare for future situations, while strengthening trust and communication.


Learn to be Attuned with Each Other 

  • A series of questions both broad and some very specific are provided, along with Parent Talk Rules to provide open and direct communication tools to bring your partner and you closer together, syncing the two as one unit, while also preparing for parent to child communication and behavior.
  • If you can learn and use these simple but powerful communication styles with your child (or children) as they grow older, you will make a great contribution to enhancing self-esteem and creating a sense of wholeness and acceptance.
  • If you can use them with each other, you will discover a new level of sharing, understanding, and intimacy in your relationship.
  • We believe this is the most potent expression of love you can give your child.
  • Without developing these skills, parents will miss out on a critical element of a harmonious family life.  What children learn they learn from parents and siblings — what parents and siblings teach, they teach by living example.

couple-paintingAs parents, the manner in which you relate to each other and to your child provides the model for your child’s future growth and development.

  • Your child’s emotional, intellectual, social and moral values all reflect his family
  • environment . . . even the personality style he or she may adopt in life reflects familiar scenes within the home.
  • Educate yourself, your partner, and your family! Join us and start revolutionizing your life, your communication, and your behavior and see how wonderful the outcome can be!

Intimacy after Pregnancy: Attunement for Couples

Parent Talk is devoted to the maintenance and expansion of intimacy in a relationship after baby. For many relationships, intimacy rises and falls because of the birth of a baby.  This part of Parent Talk will help keep intimacy alive and even growing after a family starts!

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