Welcome to the wonderful world of Womb Songs, where using your own voice and music to connect with your baby before birth leads to an unparalleled foundation of calmness and love – for everyone. Your Womb Song is the signature ingredient of a larger program called A Sound Beginning (ASB), a guidebook for baby’s optimal emotional development. ASB also helps prepare you and your family for the changes and challenges a new baby will bring, even if this isn’t your first child.



The video above shows the calming response babies have when hearing their Womb Songs after birth. So, what exactly is a Womb Song? Your Womb Song is a piece of musical magic you will create and teach your unborn during pregnancy. In the last months of pregnancy, at birth, and through infancy, your Womb Song will communicate a unique and powerful expression of love and closeness. Equally important, it will calm both you and baby during times of discomfort and distress. Our research shows that your Womb Song will be miraculously effective in calming your crying baby nearly every time! For most families, this will be the most important parenting tool they have during the first years of life.

You may be wondering how an unborn baby can hear inside the womb. Wonder no more! You are about to hear a one-of-a-kind recording made by A Sound Beginning and the obstetricians at Women’s Hospital at the University of Southern California. This piece of music was recorded with a microphone placed inside the pregnant uterus. At first, you will hear music as it normally sounds, and then you will be taken into the womb to hear it as the unborn baby does. This recording demonstrates why unborn babies respond to their Womb Song when it’s played during and after birth.

You may have noticed how every note of the music is perfectly replicated in the womb. This enables your Womb Song to become one of the most powerful communication tools you can use after birth to promote Attunement and love with your baby. Listen to more recordings. And you’ll have access to our web-based recording studio, making the creation of your Womb Song easy and fun- even if you’re not musically inclined.



Being in Attunement with your baby is the “gold standard” of parenting an infant. To meet baby’s needs and to join in their world is the essence of Attunement. Babies who are not attuned with their mothers become increasingly mistrustful when perceiving their mothers in a negative way; attuned babies remain safe and secure.

Fundamentally, all babies are born with the capacity to enjoy healthy, loving relationships. Sadly, lack of Attunement leaves half of all newborns to live in various states of anxiety and mistrust, especially later in life. As adults, they typically feel uneasy when getting too emotionally intimate with friends or lovers. Why would this happen? If baby frequently experiences mother as disconnected or untrustworthy, eventually baby will feel unsafe and frightened around her even when all is well. This feeling becomes instilled within baby and intimate experiences often trigger that old fear, causing them to retreat emotionally or push away angrily.

The “Still Face” experiment: see what happens to a one-year old whose mother simply stops responding to her:

Because of past traumatic emotional experiences as well as the pressures of the modern-day world, half of all parents don’t connect with their baby often enough to make them feel safe. And, even for those parents who are able, it is extremely challenging to consistently set aside personal needs during those first two years of baby’s life– which are also the most critical years. Unfortunately for babies who lack the experience of Attunement, adulthood may bring loneliness or volatile, co-dependent relationships. A Sound Beginning is here to help. (More)



A Sound Beginning provides you with the tools you need to bond with your baby and create the safe, secure feelings of successful Attunement. See what parents have said after using the program.

During the last 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, ASB gives you easy-to-follow directions to help you create your Womb Song and teach it to your unborn baby in just a few relaxing minutes each day.

In addition to the bond your Womb Song helps you establish during pregnancy, you’ll really appreciate the miraculous effects of Musical Bonding on your baby at the time of birth. Then for the next several years, your Womb Song will be a calming influence for you and your baby during both peaceful and stressful times. The loving message communicated through your personalized Womb Song supports baby’s attuned existence in a safe, secure mommy-connected world. (more)

In addition to learning how to create and use your Womb Song, ASB will provide you with weekly Reflective Imagination exercises. To help you embrace motherhood as much as possible, this self help-style method will prepare you both mentally and emotionally for the immense amount of changes you will soon encounter as you welcome your new baby into the world. (more)

Using weekly “Parent Talk” questions, ASB will help your partner and you discuss your evolving personal relationship and how to better build a unified parenting effort. Another challenge that often arises with parenthood is a drop-off of sexuality and love-making; ASB will offer you multiple solutions through a program called Extraordinary Lovemaking. This information can keep your sensual and sexual life growing and fresh for a lifetime. (more)

Musical Birthing will help you prepare both mentally and emotionally for birth. In addition, you will be given ways to use your Womb Song during birth and for the first 2 weeks in the nursery. This will reduce baby’s stress and fears and smooth adjustment to this new air based world. (more)

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in teaching and guiding you in the self discoveries that will make a lifetime of happy parenting and happy loving children.

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