Baby James

The birth had not gone as planned. Baby James Christopher showed signs of distress and Karen was rushed into the delivery room for an emergency cesarean section. When baby James emerged from the womb it was obvious that something was wrong as he cried and gasped for breath. In all of the confusion and seriousness of the moment, John, Karen’s husband, did not have the Womb Song playing as James was born. However, with all that he knew and from the Womb Song births that he had seen, he had enough presence of mind to get their Womb Song playing. Within seconds after the Womb Song began to play, gasping, crying baby James calmed down and relaxed. The obstetricians and obstetrical nurses were astounded at James’ response to the music. They had never seen anything like it. It was no wonder that James was suffering so; he was diagnosed as having a diaphramatic hernia which was pushing into his lungs. James was immediately sent to neonatal intensive care and John was by his side with the player in hand. As they reached the nursery, not only did James remain calm but also opened his eyes and was very alert. As arrangements were being made for James to be rushed to Children’s Hospital for surgery, the nurses began to hunt for extra batteries for the player. Even though the nurses had no previous experience with A Sound Beginning they were so impressed with the effects on James that it was their intention that wherever James was going, his Womb Song player was going with him. The surgery was successful and James is doing well, however, it was very stressful for Karen and John. While Karen was in one hospital and James in another, both recovering, Karen lamented, “I’ve hardly been able to touch him much less hold him.” However, she added, her voice brightening, “Womb Songs saved the day. You have no idea how comforting it is to know that a part of me is there with him, soothing him during this traumatic time. Thank you so much.”
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