Listen to the 4 audio teachings

You will be given step-by-step instructions from Dr. Brian Satt and Lee Ann Satt, founder and master teachers of the program.

curly-border These Four Step-by-Step Instructional Audio classes will walk you through the program, teach you everything you will need to do in preparation for baby, and start you on this new exciting life journey. curly-border

Audio Class 1

  • Introduction
  • Guided Relaxation
  • Guided Womb Journey
  • Selecting a Womb Song
  • How to do Musical Bonding

Audio Class 2

  • Recording Your Womb Song (setting recording levels)
  • How to Conduct a Bonding Session (setting sound levels for baby)
  • Conducting a Musical Bonding Session
  • Reflective Imagination
  • The Perfect Baby Syndrome
  • The Crying Baby Themes and Reflections
  • How to use the Pregnancy Images and Pregnancy Themes
  • How to do Reflective Imagination
  • First Reflective Imagination Guided Practice—Crying Baby

Audio Class 3

  • Second Reflective Imagination Guided Practice—Unsolicited Advice
  • Third Reflective Imagination Guided Practice—Your Own Problem, How to Deal with Feelings
  • Parent Talk
  • Parent Talk Rules
  • Talking to Baby Using Good Communication Skills
  • Birth Visuals

Audio Class 4

  • Birth Visual Information for Coaches
  • Transitional Musical Birthing
  • Using Your Womb Song during Labor and Delivery
  • Coach’s Responsibilities
  • Using Your Womb Song At Home
  • Calming Crying Baby with Your Womb Song
  • Meeting Baby’s First Emotional Needs
  • Maintaining a Womb-Like Environment
  • At Home Special Time
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