Thank you for exploring the Affiliate Program for A Sound Beginning.


•     People who are accepted as an affiliate will be professionals in the field of birthing or early child development or have some ongoing way to connect and transmit information to pregnant women or couples. This could include authors, bloggers or people with related websites.

•     By signing up to be an affiliate your clients/customers/consumers will receive  a $10.00 discount off of the normal purchase price.

•     Being an affiliate will also provide you with $10.78 every time someone makes a purchase using your code.  Your compensation will be directly deposited to you.  This code will be created specifically for you so that you can provide the code verbally or through website links to your clientele.  If your clients link to the website through a “hyperlink coupon” on your site, the discount and your compensation will occur anytime in the future, regardless how many time they visit the WombSongs website before they actually purchase.

•     This is a completely automated system that tracks your referrals and pays you when they make a purchase.

•     It is also our hope that as an affiliate, you will join the Attunement Movement and be in the state of mind to inform pregnant women about the dramatic emotional and physical benefits that an attuned mother and baby will receive.

Thank you for your consideration and we hope to provide your clients with most valuable and enriching experiences.  If you require further information you can email

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