• A Sound Beginning is a 7 week program, which begins at 28-34 weeks of pregnancy.  This program is a comprehensive parenting program which explores all angles of parenting and will give you techniques and skills required to be the best parent you can be.
  • Using your own voice you will create a Womb Song that is one of the key aspects to this program.  Your Womb Song will be played during your last trimester, during birth and into infancy.  As you learn about the power of the Womb Song you will be amazed how well your Womb Song will be able to calm your baby. As you read on, be sure to check out the Recording Studio and make sure to listen to the Inside the Womb audio sounds.
  • As health professionals interested in mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and as parents, we have a deep and enduring concern for raising psychologically sound babies in supportive families.
  • We are striving to lessen the problems that can result from stress and anxiety during one of the most exciting, yet challenging periods in a family’s growth and development.
  • We are consciously aware of the significant effects that behavior during pregnancy can have on the emotional, psychological and even the physical growth of the unborn child.

And this is why A Sound Beginning was created.





  • As you join us now, whether this is your first baby or your fifth, know that you are not merely a passive reader of a new “how to” book . . . you and your family are active participants in this engrossing program for your baby’s and your family’s development.
  • A Sound Beginning has been designed to be rich in experiences and information, fun, easy, and valuable in building a healthy and strong emotional family foundation.
  • But, for such growth, the program requires a certain degree of regular, active use. Becoming an active participant, giving of yourself now, committing yourself to the activities that will benefit you and your baby can also help prepare you for the commitment that will be demanded of you by your newborn.

This is YOUR Sound Beginning


Your start towards:

  • Creating a pleasurable positive emotional memory of your voice and a specific melody within your unborn child.
  • Using your baby’s “womb memory” to ease the transition of birth.
  • Reducing anxiety and smoothing your newborn’s adjustment to the outer world during the first weeks (usually months) of life.
  • Identifying and coping with anxieties and fears about pregnancy and new parenthood.
  • Preparing and planning with your partner and family to cope with issues and make the adjustments necessary in welcoming a new member to your family.
  • Learning to ATTUNE to your baby so you become the best, most effective caregiver to your newborn that you can be.


A Scientific Prenatal Learning Program

  • A decade of research and development has given birth to A Sound Beginning.
  • Research and development has been conducted by psychologists and obstetricians from U.S.C., U.C.L.A., Cedars Sinai Medical Center and the California School of Professional Psychology.
  • Program development has included psychologists, obstetricians, childbirth educators, engineers, artists and musicians.


A Womb Song for Bonding


  • Teach your baby your personal Womb Song before birth.
  • Your baby will learn about your voice.
  • The Womb Song will ease your baby’s trauma at birth.
  • You will know you are communicating as your unborn baby responds with movement when hearing your Womb Song.
  • Baby, mom, and dad will be immediately connected by the familiar Womb Song.
  • You will be amazed as your baby makes dramatic eye contact with you immediately after birth.
  • Bonding is enhanced, as baby is calmed and relaxed by the Womb Song.
  • Continue to show how much you love and care each time you calm your crying baby with your Womb Song.

A Method For Meeting Baby’s First Emotional Needs

  • The power of your voice and song can calm your crying baby 75 to 100% of the time.
  • The Womb Song will comfort your baby because of its familiarity and connection with the womb.
  • With regular use of the Womb Song after birth, you will smooth your baby’s adaptation to the new environment.
  • The Womb Song will help baby be calm and relaxed so learning about the world can begin.

A Process for Growing into Parenthood


  • You will learn to identify and prepare for the challenges and predictable stresses of parenthood.
  • You will discuss a series of prepared questions with your partner and discover, as a couple, how you will handle your changing roles.
  • You will learn to determine personalized effective solutions before the challenges occur.
  • You will learn to apply the solutions and use them when situations arise.
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